Scratchpad Command Empowers Revenue Teams with the Fastest Way to Access and Update Salesforce from Any Web App—for Free

Breakthrough Innovation Helps Account Executives Update Sales Notes and Manage Deals in Real Time Across Existing Sales Tools, Websites, and Online Communities

SAN MATEO, California – Mar. 31, 2021 – Scratchpad, Inc., pioneer and leader of the workspace for revenue teams, today announced the availability of Scratchpad Command, unlocking the fastest way for salespeople to access and update their sales notes, tasks, and Salesforce, on any web application or sales community - for free.

Account executives in nearly all sales organizations are inundated with too many sales tools that are decentralized from their CRM. This forces salespeople into a time consuming and exhausting workflow of navigating back-and-forth between tools, managing dozens of browser tabs, monotonous clicking, and tedious copying and pasting, all while simultaneously trying to update Salesforce. As a result, there is a decrease in day-to-day efficiency, productivity, and, ultimately, time for salespeople to do their jobs—sell. 

“After speaking directly with thousands of account executives from sales organizations of all sizes, we learned they spend greater than half of their time updating Salesforce instead of selling,'' said Pouyan Salehi, co-founder and CEO of Scratchpad. “Account executives simply want to update Salesforce faster without switching context and breaking their workflow, so they can have more conversations with customers and close more deals. Scratchpad Command enables every Salesforce user on Earth to make the necessary updates they need, from any website, without switching tabs, for free. It’s fast. It’s simple. And it’s delightful to use.”

With Scratchpad Command, in one click, users can create a new contact, account, opportunity, task, or activity and make updates to any custom field or object in Salesforce. Account executives can create, update and sync important deal notes from anywhere, eliminating the need to ever log into Salesforce directly, bounce between other sales tools, or be burdened by copying and pasting from one application to another. Scratchpad Command can also be used where account executives engage in sales communities, helping them update Salesforce while connecting with their peers and colleagues anywhere on the internet. Additionally, sales leaders benefit from instant access to updated Salesforce data while working within their favorite forecasting tools and BI systems, or custom-built internal reporting dashboards.

Customers can install Scratchpad as a Chrome plug-in, connect to Salesforce and make updates to their pipelines in 30 seconds or less. Scratchpad instantly connects to Salesforce and gives salespeople a fast and modern interface to interact with their sales data and workflows. Salesforce remains the database of record, while Scratchpad serves as the point of engagement that revenue teams enjoy using.

Scratchpad Command is now available for freemium and paid users. For more information, please visit:

What the Industry is Saying

“Scratchpad Command has truly saved me so much time and made me so much more efficient. I used to have to open a new tab, open Salesforce, search for a contact/account/opportunity, then search within that page for the specific fields I wanted to fill out. Now, directly from my email (or any webpage for that matter), I just use Scratchpad Command and can fill out everything without even opening a new tab. You can customize templates to include only the fields that you commonly fill out. Scratchpad Command has saved me SO much time; I rely on it so heavily now I'm not sure what I would do without it.” — Carly Thompson, Account Development, Productboard

“Oh man, don't even get me started on Scratchpad Command. I'm honestly at the point where I'd get Scratchpad Command tattooed on my back if it was acceptable. Scratchpad alone is an absolute miracle tool for navigating through Salesforce, especially Salesforce Classic, and then Scratchpad Command takes it to another level for updating information and notes on the fly. Creating accounts, leads, opportunities from anywhere is amazing. It's also useful for certain tasks you wouldn't necessarily think of immediately like during prospecting. It makes it much easier to see if leads/accounts you're looking to engage already exist which is invaluable for me as I'm now engaging potential business partners and not just lawyers/law firms.” — Petar Petrovic, Strategic Partnerships, Clio

"Ah, Scratchpad Command. I didn't know I missed you until I got you. When you're making calls  and sending emails and you get a warm conversation with some information other than a meeting, it's the second best outcome you can hope for. But when you're on a roll, stopping and navigating into Salesforce to input Future Interest Date, Account Notes or update the customer’s current software solution, it’s guaranteed to break your workflow. So I did what many sales people do which is make a list of all the updates I have to make and save it for a few hours on Friday (TGIF, am I right?) but it doesn't always happen. When I found out about Scratchpad Command I stared at it with my mouth slightly agape marveling at the beauty of it. No more navigating something reminiscent of AOL 1999 (I kid). Dare I say keeping clean notes and Salesforce as a single source of truth is actually enjoyable now. Thanks Scratchpad, y'all are the real heroes." — Rashmi Mehan, Enterprise Business Development, Lever

“When it comes to sales representatives, nothing rings more true than the phrase ‘time is money.’ And when that time (and money) is cut in half because of the inefficiencies caused by all of the tools and applications that are supposed to make their jobs better, it’s an issue not only to the sales individual, but to the bottom line of the organization. Scratchpad Command enables account executives to quickly and efficiently manage their pipelines with their own easy-to-use unified workspace, so they can get back to closing more deals and making a bigger impact on the business.” — Nancy Nardin, founder, Smart Selling Tools

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Scratchpad is the workspace for revenue teams combining sales notes, spreadsheets, tasks, Kanban boards, search, collaboration, and sales process compliance in a single intuitive interface. In less than 30 seconds, revenue teams can set up Scratchpad and start increasing sales data hygiene to consistently achieve quota attainment. Founded in 2019, Scratchpad is a privately held company headquartered in San Mateo, CA and backed by Accel, Craft Ventures, and Sound Ventures. To learn more, visit

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