Track changes in your pipeline and update Salesforce faster.

Scratchpad is a modern experience for reps and leaders that makes managing pipeline, inspecting deals, coaching, and forecasting fast, simple, and delightful.

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Salesforce, more sales tools, but the same problems

You bought Salesforce and a bunch of other sales tools, but you have the same problems. Reps still use spreadsheets and docs instead of updating Salesforce, sales leaders can’t easily inspect deals, and forecasts are a wild guess. Scratchpad helps you unlock higher levels sales performance by simplifying pipeline management and deal inspection.

Pipeline Management

The fastest experience to a cleaner pipeline

Fewer clicks, less tabs, and no waiting for pages to load. Designed for salespeople to work faster, built to simplify sales workflows, and always connected to Salesforce.

Not using Chrome? Use the web app instead.
Automations & Notifications

No-code automations for instant Salesforce updates

Transform your revenue operations with no-code automations that help your reps instantly update Salesforce from Slack, drive better behaviors, improve coaching, and give you instant insights into gaps in your pipeline.

Deal Inspection

Realtime visibility into deal movement

The ‘easy button’ to help sales leaders answer questions, spot risks in real-time, and have detailed visibility into open pipeline at all levels.


No more Sunday night surprises and end of quarter misses

With a clean pipeline and better deal inspection, your forecasts just got a lot more accurate. Ensure confident communication of your forecasts and consistently meet or beat quarterly earnings expectations.

Built for and loved by sales teams worldwide

“We've seen significant improvements in forecast accuracy since rolling out Scratchpad. It's a necessary tool across the sales leadership team (and our reps love it too).”
Greg DelGenio
“We got better at explicit next steps and what we needed from the buyer. That’s why we were able to shave 15 days off of our sales cycle.”
Ang McManamon
VP of Sales
“For me, it’s less about the time Scratchpad saves. It’s more about confidence in the data. Trust. That’s the biggest thing.”
Jordan Leu
Director of Sales
“We drove the desired behaviors and got key insights with CoM, MEDDIC, and Forecast inputs to help drive predicability.”
Joe Morrissey
Former CRO
“You want MEDDIC adopted? You want your salespeople to focus on learning your sales methodology, value selling, the pitch, demoing the product and not learning tools? Scratchpad is the solution for that."
Jonas Taylor
Revenue Enablement Manager
"Scratchpad forecasting gives me the fastest, easiest way to understand pipeline coverage, track rep performance, and know where I can help, so that we can more predictably hit our targets."
Roland Skreslet
VP of Sales