The AI powered workspace for sales teams

No more stale spreadsheets, struggles to adopt your sales process, or frustration in understanding what changed.

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The adoption driver for Salesforce

Scratchpad drives the adoption of processes with AI and simplicity, streamlining workflows to make every interaction your team has with Salesforce fast and painless.

Inspect deals & pipeline faster

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Scratchpad isn’t just fast and easy to use. It also gives leaders complete visibility and control of their process, team, and pipeline they simply haven’t had until now.

Waterfall analytics

Understand where your forecast is changing and where.

Sales trends

See how your forecast changes over time.

See shifts in your pipeline, what changed, and why

BI tools, spreadsheets, and a data team to uncover pipeline changes don't get you answers fast. Scratchpad highlights deal movement, what changed, why, and how your team works in just one click.

Change highlights

Instantly see why a close date pushed, which deals increased or decreased in value, and which opportunities changed stages.

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Change history

View a complete audit trail of the activities, updates, and changes made to any opportunity in just one click.

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Run your forecasting calls and pipeline reviews is one place

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Scratchpad is a new experience for sales team collaboration. Work opportunities faster together with AI and simplicity at your side, ensuring no deal is left behind again.

Call transcripts

Scratchpad Call Intelligence combines modern call recording, AI generated transcripts and call summaries for unparalleled visibility into every customer conversation.

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Create, store, and share clips of recorded customer calls with your team or your manager for faster deal visibility and collaboration.

Get visibility into all aspects of your deals at each stage

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Scratchpad deal rooms and automations in Slack proactively spots gaps in your pipeline, automates workflows, and creates a new collaboration experience for across your entire company.

Deal rooms

Create Deal Rooms for every new opportunity, set filters for large deals, accounts at risk, or for expansion & renewals.

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Slack notifications

Quickly create no-code Slack Automations to drive better rep behaviors and see gaps in your pipeline faster.

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Bring Salesforce where your sales team works

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Scratchpad Command is the fastest experience to access, update, and interact with Salesforce data anywhere. Quickly make Salesforce updates, add notes, manage your pipeline, and inspect deals from any web app.

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5 stars

4.8/5 based on 1,400+ G2 reviews