Take Greater Command of your Salesforce Reports

Salesforce reports and dashboards are a powerful tool for sales leaders to inspect deals before pipeline reviews, forecasting calls, and 1:1’s. It’s a critical part of the sales process, helping you to understand the status of key deals, identify where to coach reps, and leading to more accurate forecasts.

But it’s not efficient. It’s cumbersome. It’s time consuming. And it’s dragging you down.

Salesforce reports provide only surface-level data, requiring you to click, scroll, and search through complicated page layouts for more information on each deal. But there’s still no guarantee you’ll find what you need, causing you to follow up with reps over email, Slack, or in wait for another meeting to get clarity on key opportunities.

This lack of accessible data leads to inefficient deal reviews between you and reps, hurts your ability to provide better coaching opportunities, and affects forecasting reliability for executive teams.

You need greater visibility into the state of your team’s deals week-to-week to be able to manage pipeline reviews and forecasting meetings proactively and efficiently. Relying on Salesforce dashboards and reports isn’t enough. But there’s now a better way.

Enter Scratchpad’s Command of Reports.

Command of Reports brings all the information you want into one pane of glass, making it easier and faster to get to what you need (including data from other Salesforce objects!) - right from your Salesforce reports.

Want to go deeper into opportunities to see information around MEDDICC or Next Steps?

Need to access sales notes or see historical changes at the field level?

Itching to create tasks or communicate with reps without leaving the report?

Now you can.

Command of Reports makes Salesforce reports instantly editable, collaborative and just plain useful.

Here are few ways you can use it today:

  • Faster visibility into MEDDICC, Time in Stage, Activity History, Next Steps for each deal
  • Quickly see who the executive sponsor or buyer is for a deal, if they’ve been identified, and whether you’re connected to them
  • Drive more efficient deal reviews, forecasting calls and 1:1s with your team (they’ll thank you for this)
  • Confidently guide executives through forecasting calls with full command of every deal

Greater command of reports is ready for you now and it’s free to use.

Try it out today: Enable Command. Or get a complimentary 1:1 session with one of our Salesforce experts to help make it work for you!