Process Compliance

Improve Salesforce hygiene in just 15 minutes

Help your reps develop proactive behaviors with automated deal alerts and process-specific views that simplify execution. Monitor process compliance and improve data hygiene in Salesforce you need to grow and protect revenue.

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"Salesforce is our source of truth" shouldn’t be an aspirational statement

Scratchpad renews trust in Salesforce as your system of record. RevOps can drive process adherence, the right rep behaviors, and reduce the admin burden of Salesforce hygiene. And, do it all in 15 minutes.

An intuitive experience designed for RevOps to design, manage and measure sales processes

Easily create and manage users, roles, and permissions for each member of your sales team. Deploy workflow shortcuts and give your sales team the fastest pipeline management experience needed for best-in-class Salesforce hygiene.

The fastest, no-code RevOps experience to drive process adherence and sales rep performance

Design, build, and manage your sales processes with Slack notifications. Celebrate wins, notify reps of opportunities missing next steps, alert managers of deals not progressing stages, and identify missing MEDDIC fields or lack of activity.

Sales enablement that actually works and reps love

Create playbooks, battle cards, and competitive intel with Scratchpad Cards to give reps contextual information during prospect or customer calls. And the best part? It's connected to where your sales team manages their pipeline and book of business.

“You want MEDDIC adopted? You want your salespeople as they're onboarding to focus more on learning the sales methodology, to focus more on value selling, the pitch demoing the product and not learning tools? Scratchpad is the solution for that."
Jonas Taylor
Revenue Enablement Manager, Lattice
“Scratchpad helps us with ramping up our team quickly and ensuring that we are noting gaps in pipeline hygiene early. It helps us to drive deal analysis and forecasting.”
Jani McConnell
Director of Sales Ops, Persefoni

Category leader and trusted by RevOps and sales teams worldwide.

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