About Us

We built Scratchpad because we believe that sales is a craft and that your time as a salesperson should be spent on things that matter, like moving deals forward and building customer relationships, not painstakingly updating records.

At nearly every sales organization we encountered we saw talented salespeople taking detailed notes, keeping track of deals, and creating sales plans. Unfortunately, this information was spread across random note-taking apps, spreadsheets, and task managers; not in Salesforce. So sales leadership didn't have the information they needed to create accurate forecasts, understand the state of the company's pipeline, or coach their team effectively.

Salespeople were forced to spend hours duplicating work as they haphazardly transferred the bare minimum of information to the CRM and Sales leaders were spending time during 1:1's hounding reps about their data hygiene and deal highlights, instead of spending time strategically coaching the team.

No one was happy. Everyone knew they were wasting time. And it was hurting the company's bottom line.


That product is the Scratchpad you see today.
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