Trusted by top-performing sales organizations

What good is your sales process without execution and measurement?

Sales is more complex than ever. Deal inspections, coaching, process adherence, sales methodologies, multi-threading, qualification criteria, all are required to run an effective sales process. But executing and measuring your process is hard and often doesn’t happen.

Unlock the highest levels of performance for your sales team

Scratchpad is a system designed for the execution, management, and measurement of your sales process. It helps Sales Managers with coaching, RevOps with process adherence, and Sales Leaders with accurate forecasts and insights into every deal. Your frontline works faster, builds more pipeline, and every rep can achieve top performance.

Best of all, your sales team already loves it.

Make your sales process work for your go-to-market team

For Sales Leaders

Ensure confident communication of your forecasts and consistently meet or beat quarterly earnings expectations. No more misses or end of quarter surprises.

For RevOps and Enablement

Help your reps adhere to your processes and improve sales data governance with powerful workflows your sales reps will love to use.

For Sales Managers

Turn pipeline reviews into opportunities to coach rather than interrogation sessions. Drive up rep performance and watch them crush their quota.

Trusted by top performing sales teams

“We've seen significant improvements in forecast accuracy since rolling out Scratchpad. It's a necessary tool across the sales leadership team (and our reps love it too).”
Greg DelGenio
“We got better at explicit next steps and what we needed from the buyer. That’s why we were able to shave 15 days off of our sales cycle.”
Ang McManamon
VP of Sales
“For me, it’s less about the time Scratchpad saves. It’s more about confidence in the data. Trust. That’s the biggest thing.”
Jordan Leu
Director of Sales
“We drove the desired behaviors and got key insights with CoM, MEDDIC, and Forecast inputs to help drive predicability.”
Joe Morrissey
Former CRO
“You want MEDDIC adopted? You want your salespeople to focus on learning your sales methodology, value selling, the pitch, demoing the product and not learning tools? Scratchpad is the solution for that."
Jonas Taylor
Revenue Enablement Manager