The modern era of the AI sales assistant is here

Scratchpad AI Sales Assistant listens to your virtual sales calls, automatically updates Salesforce (MEDDIC, next steps, and more), creates shareable call summaries, and turns conversations into quantitative data.

5 stars

4.8/5 based on 1,400+ G2 reviews

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Working deals in Salesforce, notes, and spreadsheets slows reps down. Do it faster with AI.

Scratchpad is fast, enhanced with AI, and designed for sales teams to update MEDDIC and Salesforce, manage their pipelines, and collaborate together on deals.

Meeting intelligence

Configure custom AI prompts for your sales processes, methodologies, and workflows to teach your AI Sales Assistant to listen for what matters in every prospect and customer call.

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AI generated transcripts and summaries

Automate mundane workflows for your reps with instant analysis, real-time sales notes, crystal clear next steps, transcripts, and call summaries powered by AI.

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AI suggestions

Keep opportunities and customer data updated in Salesforce with AI suggestions. Automatically accept or edit suggestions and in one click update next steps, MEDDIC, or any field in Salesforce.

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Coaching that reps and managers love

Coaching isn’t interrogating reps about CRM hygiene. It’s being proactive. Scratchpad call intelligence and AI insights give managers and reps a new experience to inspect deals, track performance, and work better, together.

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The next generation of call recording with the best pipeline management system

No need for expensive, bloated call recording software when Scratchpad has it all. Beautifully simple, fast, delightful, and ready to start for free in minutes.

5 stars

4.8/5 based on 1,400+ G2 reviews