Bring Your Sales Data to Life with Conditional Highlighting

Flashlights are incredible tools, aren’t they?

They help you find things in the dark. They reveal what’s hidden. They’re ideal in helping you navigate complex systems and bring dark spaces to life.

But what other complex systems would a guiding light be helpful for? How about Salesforce?

Sure, Salesforce is the best database for an organization’s sales information - but it’s undoubtedly complex. Especially for sales teams.

How can you quickly tell what’s up-to-date, what’s missing or what’s stalled? How can you determine where a deal may need focus fast? How can you effortlessly guide your reps to make changes in the easiest way possible?

You could nudge your reps with reminders and Slack messages to update next steps or expired close dates and require them to follow processes to get better data into SFDC. Best case, this happens right before forecast calls and the data is incomplete. Worst case, it doesn’t at all and data is missing entirely.

What if there were a better way to see Opportunities needing the most care in one view for you and your reps? Imagine a guiding light that helps you understand all of the data in your Salesforce and what action needs to be taken.

With conditional highlighting, that better way is here  🔦

Example of a conditional highlight in Scratchpad

Conditional highlighting is the fastest and easiest way to bring dark Salesforce data to light, giving managers clear, color-coded visibility into deals that need action. This means improved 1:1’s, better coaching opportunities, and more reliable forecasts.

Conditional highlighting process and methodology adherence example

Imagine a simple view to track process and methodology adherence across your entire team. Any deals that aren’t adhering to your processes, you’ll instantly see so you can provide the right nudge and guidance to your frontline.

That’s just one example of the power of conditional highlighting. Here are some other use cases we think you will like:

  • See accounts stuck in stages for a set period of time
  • Detect which deals aren’t following MEDDIC
  • Prioritize high value deals
  • Identify opportunities with no update or activity over any period of time

It’s greater pipeline hygiene, visibility, coaching and collaboration - and it’s built for all revenue team members workflows. Bring your sales data to life with conditional highlighting today!

Want to tailor it to your workflow? Get a complimentary 1:1 session with one of our Salesforce experts to help make it work for you.