A Better Way to Create New Salesforce Records

There’s a lot to love about Opportunities moving quickly through the pipeline. But as those deals progress, so too does the need to create additional records related to the deal.

It might not seem like much - a new contact here, a new activity there - but it adds up as the deal moves through the stages. And there’s not a lot to love about that current workflow.

Sure, you can create these records in Salesforce, but you’ll need to follow a process involving opening a new browser tab in Salesforce, waiting for it to load, working through the long and complex page layouts, finding the required fields to fill out, clicking ‘Save’ and hoping it actually does save properly.

In a vacuum, it’s nothing too arduous. But when you’re juggling multiple deals across various stages in collaboration with other members of your revenue team, you risk mislabeling a record, connecting it to the wrong Opportunity or just plain forgetting.

These extra clicks, steps, and manual data entry, affect data accuracy in Salesforce. The downstream affect includes slowing the deal cycle, impacting the ability to accurately forecast, and derailing handoffs, all of which could put a deal at risk.

So we did something about. And it only takes one click.

Introducing Contextual Creation

We’ve introduced the simplest way to discover and create new records that automatically connect with the associated parent record - including for any custom object.

Now you can work at the speed of thought with contextual information at your fingertips to:

  • Log a call or any activity for an opportunity faster than ever
  • Add a new contact to the right opportunity every time
  • Create a task for a seamless handoff with your CSM for newly Closed-Won accounts

It’s a more efficient workflow, with less clicks and manual data entry, that ensures your Salesforce data is accurate. It’s a delight for all!

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