Log A Call — The fastest experience for logging calls in Salesforce

Presenting Log A Call — the fastest and easiest way to log calls so your frontline reps can focus on pipeline generation and your sales managers can effectively manage rep performance.

Today, logging calls is inefficient and time consuming. Many calls go unsaved in Salesforce because the effort to log a call along alongside taking notes, meeting with customers, and updating next steps creates too much complexity for SDRs and AEs who inevitably skip the call log process all together.

So what?

Sales reps who don’t log their call activities often don’t have a strong command of the opportunities they are working. Similarly, SDR’s are measured on volume of their activities and the number of calls they make as a measure of progress on pipeline generation and outbound. Worst of all, Sales Managers can’t coach effectively when calls and activities are not logged across the board.

We just couldn’t stand it, so we decided to fix it.

Log A Call in Scratchpad is hands down the fastest and easiest way for reps and SDRs to save calls in Salesforce, ensure they are following your sales processes, and getting the right data into Salesforce needed to measure their performance.

It is simple and fast with options to do so from multiple views such as in activity history, sales notes, or anywhere on the web using Scratchpad Command. Pre-populated fields based on context of the opportunity make the process even easier. And the best part? Logged calls and activities are updated and synced to Salesforce, instantly.

Try logging calls from Scratchpad and instantly see results:

  • Managers have more effective 1:1s informed by activities and calls logged each week
  • Ops drives better rep behavior and processes to put teams on the path to peak performance
  • Leadership gains more visibility into each account and views activity for every committed opportunity
  • Reps save time and focus on pipeline generation and customer calls

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