Sales Are Dope: The New Comedy Series About Sales

Are you ready for the hottest new series to hit your screens?

We're excited to present the official trailer for Sales Are Dope! This series follows the west coast sales team of a series-A, Silly Valley Startup called Suckle. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll definitely want more.

The entire 8-episode season streams on YouTube April 13th - the same night of the Premiere Screening in San Francisco 👀…

Episodes are short and sweet, ranging between 8 and 17 minutes, with a total runtime of 91.5 minutes. You can watch an episode the next time you get no-showed by a prospect or take the afternoon off and watch the whole thing in one sitting!

As one of the co-creators of the series, I can say that it’s been a labor of love over many years and from so many talented people.

Including the amazing folks at Scratchpad. Without Scratchpad’s support we literally could not have made this happen. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Scratchpad. ❤️

The quality of this series is out of this world. From production design to directing, editing to sound, every human who worked on this brought their absolute A-game and we are so thankful for their contributions.

Oh and Corporate Bro and Corporate Natalie aren’t too shabby neither.

So mark your calendars - April 13th on YouTube - and let's show the world what Sales Are Dope is all about.

Ben Gould, Co-Creator of Sales Are Dope & Creative Content Creator at Scratchpad