Top 11 Salesforce Chrome Extensions in 2024

What Are Salesforce Chrome Extensions?

Salesforce Chrome extensions are browser-based tools crafted to enhance sales productivity by seamlessly integrating Salesforce features into the Google Chrome browser. 

These extensions facilitate efficient management of sales, customer service, and marketing processes depending on the tool. 

Why Should Sales Organizations Use Salesforce Chrome Extensions?

Since Salesforce is not the most user-friendly platform, sales reps often resort to recording important information outside of the CRM and in a conglomeration of different note-taking apps, spreadsheets, and even paper notebooks. 

For sales leaders, this means that they don’t know where to find relevant information about deals in their organizations pipeline which negatively affects coaching opportunities and forecasting future revenue.

Salesforce Chrome Extensions provide quick access to Salesforce functionalities directly from the browser interface and empower users to navigate, visualize data, and customize their Salesforce experience in a more effective way. 

Whether retrieving customer information, updating records, or managing tasks, Salesforce Chrome extensions play a pivotal role in boosting overall sales productivity and ensuring a user-friendly interaction with Salesforce while browsing the web.

Top 11 Salesforce Chrome Extensions for Sales Organizations

  1. Scratchpad

Scratchpad makes Salesforce easier to use. A modern experience for interacting with Salesforce that is fast, simple, and gives you more visibility into what is and isn’t going on in your CRM.

Pipeline Management

The fastest experience for a cleaner and up-to-date pipeline. Designed to make salespeople’s lives easier, built to simplify your workflows, connected to Salesforce.

Deal Inspection

Scratchpad Deal Inspection is the ‘easy button’ to help executives and sales leaders understand what’s changing in their pipeline and why, answer questions, spot risk, and have detailed visibility at all levels.


No-code automations for Deal Rooms in Slack and instant Salesforce updates. Transform your revenue operations with no-code automations and help reps update Salesforce faster and collaborate on deals easier, together.


Scratchpad Forecasting helps you see the path to your number, understand how and why it’s changing, and prevent deals from falling through the cracks. Waterfall Analytics, Rollups, Sales Trends & Daily Snapshots help you track changes in your pipeline and monitor deals at every level to make sure you stay confident and up-to-date with your forecast.

Call Intelligence

Record and analyze calls with transcripts, summaries, and video clips that gives sales teams the ability to collaborate and get better coaching from leadership who has increased context for every step of the deal cycle.

AI Sales Assistant

Scratchpad’s AI Sales Assistant gives reps AI-suggestions for even faster Salesforce updates directly from their calls. Auto update MEDDIC fields, Next Steps, or any fields in Salesforce instantly. Try it for free or request a demo to learn more.

  1. Spekit

Spekit is a platform that facilitates in-app learning and sales enablement. It allows users to create, update, and manage training materials directly within applications like Salesforce. By integrating training resources seamlessly into workflows, Spekit enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of employee learning experiences.

  1. Zaapit

Zaapit cleans your Salesforce data by offering features such as mass merge, auto-merge, selective merge, various bulk actions, email validation and verification, advanced search options, and backup logs and files. These features work together to eliminate duplicates to enhance data quality and ensure that your CRM remains up-to-date and accurate.

  1. Salesforce Navigator for Lightning

Navigating through a wealth of information in Salesforce can be slow and inefficient. Salesforce Navigator transforms this experience by enhancing the platform's search function. Now, users can swiftly access any page by simply typing in the desired action or information, streamlining the process and ensuring a more efficient and targeted navigation experience within the Salesforce environment.

  1. Salesforce Inspector

Salesforce Inspector aids Salesforce admins in the development and debugging process. It provides a suite of tools for inspecting, querying, and interacting with Salesforce metadata and data directly from the browser. With features like record viewing and editing, SOQL query execution, and metadata component interaction, Salesforce Inspector streamlines the process of working with Salesforce environments for enhanced efficiency. For SalesOps, making sure that your Salesforce is working smoothly sets your sales teams up for success.

  1. Enhance Salesforce Dashboard

The Enhance Salesforce Dashboard Chrome extension offers real-time information with customizable auto-refresh frequencies, overcoming the standard daily, weekly, or monthly limits. Users can create additional dashboards for immediate access to live data. The extension also enhances visual presentation by allowing an increase in the number of columns displayed in a single row from 3 to 7, providing a more flexible and comprehensive view of Salesforce data.

  1. Apollo

Discover email addresses, phone numbers, and research effortlessly across the web. Apollo gives sales organization the ability to gain insights into email interactions by tracking opens and clicks. Apollo doesn’t just integrate with Salesforce, but also LinkedIn, Gmail, and company websites as well. This extension operates alongside your main browser window, offering in-depth research on both companies and contacts, enhancing your overall online experience.

  1. Crunchbase

Crunchbase is a comprehensive online platform that serves as a database for information related to businesses and startups. It provides data on companies, their founders, funding rounds, key personnel, and other relevant details. Sales organizations often use Crunchbase to research and analyze businesses, track investment trends, and gather insights into potential target accounts. The platform is also widely utilized for market intelligence, due diligence, and networking purposes within the business and investment communities.

  1. Loom

Loom allows users to create quick videos of their screen, webcam, or both, and share them with others. It's commonly used for communication, collaboration, and providing instructions or feedback in a more dynamic and visual format. Users can record their screen activities, add comments or annotations, and then share the video link with colleagues, teammates, or prospects if someone has a quick product question that a salesperson can answer a-sync.

  1. Clearbit

Clearbit is a data enrichment platform that provides businesses with tools to enhance and enrich their customer data. Clearbit offers a suite of APIs and integrations that enable companies to gather additional information about their leads and customers, including company details, social profiles, job titles, and more. This enriched data can be used for marketing, sales, and customer relationship management to better understand and engage with customers. Clearbit is often utilized by sales and marketing teams to improve lead scoring, personalize communications, and enhance overall data quality.

  1. Salesforce Gmail Integration

Salesforce Gmail Integration is a Chrome extension designed to seamlessly connect Salesforce with Gmail. This integration allows users to access and manage Salesforce data directly within the Gmail interface. Key features include viewing Salesforce information, tracking emails to relevant records, and syncing calendar events, streamlining workflow and enhancing productivity for users who regularly use both platforms.


Sales organizations should invest in Salesforce Chrome extensions to enhance efficiency, productivity, meaning more revenue and more accurate forecasts. 

These extensions streamline workflows by providing quick access to Salesforce features directly within the Chrome browser, reducing the need for constant application switching and enabling sales professionals to work more seamlessly within their familiar browsing environment.

For sales organizations looking to increase productivity and revenue today, try the Scratchpad Chrome extension for free.