Team and Deal Collaboration

Unlock sales performance with better team and deal collaboration

Scratchpad improves collaboration across your sales team through better account planning, improved handoffs, deal inspection, and more effective one-on-ones between reps and managers.

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Account planning and assignment

Coordinating account prioritization and closing strategies can be difficult when working across teams, especially when using multiple tools. Scratchpad Tiles allows for efficient collaboration among SDRs, SEs, reps, and managers to consolidate and record critical information in one place, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

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Smooth handoffs between pre-sales and post-sales with detailed and historical notes

Poor handoffs often occur due to basic housekeeping such as poorly maintained sales notes, undocumented account history, and unclear account ownership. With Scratchpad Notes, SDRs, AEs, SEs, and CSMs have a complete history of the customer's journey autosaved to Salesforce. No more confusion or guessing during each stage of your handoff process.

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Turn your one-on-one’s from interrogation sessions to better coaching and collaboration

One-on-one’s can turn into uncomfortable meetings about Salesforce not being updated instead of the status of open pipeline, strategy, and coachable moments to move deals forward to closed-won. Scratchpad’s Grid View with warnings and highlights help managers and reps collaborate together and focus on high priority deals that require immediate attention.

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Async collaboration with commenting and task creation

Sometimes collaboration between a rep and a manager can’t wait until a one-on-one meeting. If a deal is missing next steps, a champion, or has an expired closed date, managers can comment on the opportunity to alert their reps and seamlessly create a task to drive urgency and priority.

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“Scratchpad saves me a ton of time on double entry, extra clicks, sifting through Salesforce, and updating spreadsheets. It allows my manager to see what I'm doing in real time so they don't have to ask me about it over slack or in person.“
Christian Barfuss
Account Executive, Divvy
“Scratchpad has solved my #1 problem as a rep – PIPELINE HYGIENE. You can jump into any opp and change close dates, next steps and opp amounts from your entire pipeline list AT ONCE. No more opening 50 tabs to update pipeline 1 opp at a time.“
Matt Lefrandt
New Business, Route

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