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Trusted by top-performing sales organizations

"Scratchpad helped us align and standardize around our process and methodology."
Andrew Elliott
CRO, People Data Labs
“We've seen significant improvements in forecast accuracy since rolling out Scratchpad. It's a necessary tool across the sales leadership team (and our reps love it too).”
Greg DelGenio
CRO, Plative
"We were able to drive the desired behaviors and get key insights into CoM + MEDDIC + Forecast inputs to help drive predicability, and our team didn't need to take on a change management effort because salespeople already loved using the product."
Joe Morrissey
Former CRO, Segment
"The reps using Scratchpad were the ones with the most accurate forecasts, the ones updating next steps, and had deals in the right sales stage."
Michelle Adams
CRO, Algolia
"Everyone knows how much salespeople hate admin work! If the data is bad, so is your forecast. Scratchpad makes sure this isn’t the case."
Jonathon Ilett
VP Global Sales, Cognism
“We got better at explicit next steps and what we needed from the buyer. That’s why we were able to shave 15 days off of our sales cycle.”
Ang McManamon
VP of Sales, Crunchbase