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These calls are led by Scratchpad's Solutions team who have run 500+ calls on workflow optimization and process adoption for GTM teams.

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Trusted by top-performing sales organizations

“Scratchpad helps us with ramping up our team quickly and ensuring that we are noting gaps in pipeline hygiene early. It helps us to drive deal analysis and forecasting.”
Jani McConnell
Director of Sales Ops, Persefoni
”Game changer! The ease by which sales reps (and RevOps) can maintain and update SFDC is now at another level.”
Ryan Whitehouse
Ryan Whitehouse
Sr. Director of RevOps, Marigold
“You want MEDDIC adopted? You want your salespeople to focus on learning your sales methodology, value selling, the pitch, demoing the product and not learning tools? Scratchpad is the solution for that.”
Jonas Taylor
Revenue Enablement, Lattice
”Scratchpad has been critical to driving compliance with certain workflows and helping the reps stay on top of their pipeline. Some of my reps would quit if I ever took it away!”
Mark Reich
Sales Enablement, Clio
“Scratchpad drives adoption. We’re capturing all the incredible data that we need to be able to get all of the insights and information we need to run our business.”
Rosalyn Santa Elena
Founder, The RevOps Collective
”Scratchpad helps us move opportunities through the pipeline way more efficiently and effectively and in a friendlier way than AE’s were previously trying to do with just Salesforce.”
Victor Schwenoha
GTM Operations, Vanta