Deal Inspection

Inspect every deal and remove risk before it’s too late.

Scratchpad Deal Inspection is the ‘easy button’ to help executives and sales leaders answer questions, spot risks in real-time, and have detailed visibility at all levels.

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Inspect deeper, faster, and in just a few clicks

Scratchpad Deal Inspection helps you delve deeper, understand what changed and why, are your deals multithreaded with the right stakeholders, and is your team adhering to your sales process. All in a simple, intuitive view connected to Salesforce and where your reps work.

View and inspect positive and negative changes for every deal in your pipeline

Scratchpad Change Highlighting brings your Salesforce pipeline to life and helps you visualize what changed with your team’s deals. Now you know exactly why a close date pushed, which deals increased or decreased in value, and what opportunities changed stages.

Inspect your Salesforce pipeline deeper with week to week changes for all opportunities.
Forecasting and deal inspection for Salesforce. Spotlight revenue at risk and take immediate action.

Inspect deeper with a full audit history of changes for every deal

Scratchpad Change History brings a complete audit trail of the activities, updates and changes made within a deal into one place. Uncover risk at the most granular level, see which deals are progressing and which have stalled. Inspect and intimately understand the status of every deal at any given moment.

See when your deals match conditions you need to track

Conditional Highlighting helps you understand granular details of every opportunity in your pipeline. Quickly see what deals haven’t progressed stages, which need fast prioritization, which late stage opportunities haven’t had updates in weeks, or which deals committed have expired close dates.

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“It's one snapshot, in one screen, that gives me the ability to see where we're at in terms of revenue and address everything. I love it!"
Peter M
Sr. Director of Sales, Virtek Vision International
“We've seen significant improvements in forecast accuracy since rolling out Scratchpad. It's a necessary tool across the sales leadership team (and our reps love it too).”
Greg Wright
Greg DelGenio
CRO, Plative

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