Deal Spotlights

Spot and fix gaps in your deals before your manager does

Scratchpad Deal Spotlights show you warnings and gaps in your open pipeline, helping you to take action and make updates before receiving that gentle reminder from your manager or ops.

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Spotlight opportunities with empty methodology fields

Following a sales process requires keeping key fields updated at every stage. However, managing this across hundreds of tasks, opportunities, and accounts is no easy feat. With Scratchpad Deal Spotlights, you can create rules that proactively alert you when MEDDIC (or any methodology) fields are missing.

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Align your pipeline with your sales forecast

If an opportunity is still in stage one but its close date is next week, it may indicate a problem that needs your attention. Deal Spotlights ensures your deals are always in the correct stage, close dates are accurate, next steps are up-to-date, and amounts align to a real sales forecast you have confidence in.

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Identify and focus on your highest priority deals

High-priority deals can make or break your quarter. Seeing where you have gaps, which deals are in late stage, or opportunities with highest probability to close before end of month or end of quarter is critical, but let’s face it…not easy in Salesforce. So, we fixed it with Deal Spotlights.

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Track account health, spot risk early, and reduce churn

Monitoring the health of accounts is essential to reducing customer churn. An account with no opportunities and an empty cross-sell note can be flagged as being in poor health. Conversely, accounts with more than three opportunities and updated notes may be considered to be in good health. With Scratchpad Deal Spotlights, you can easily create an "Account Health" grid view to visualize action items and prioritize them.

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“Scratchpad saves me a ton of time on double entry, extra clicks, sifting through Salesforce, and updating spreadsheets. It allows my manager to see what I'm doing in real time so they don't have to ask me about it over slack or in person.“
Christian Barfuss
Account Executive, Divvy
“Scratchpad has solved my #1 problem as a rep – PIPELINE HYGIENE. You can jump into any opp and change close dates, next steps and opp amounts from your entire pipeline list AT ONCE. No more opening 50 tabs to update pipeline 1 opp at a time.“
Matt Lefrandt
New Business, Route

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