Advanced Grid Views

Update Salesforce faster than lightning

With hundreds of tasks, opportunities, and fields to manage making updates in Salesforce slows you down, creates more admin burden, and keeps you from revenue generating activities. Advanced Grid Views in Scratchpad is hands down the fastest and easiest way to update next steps, any field, or any object in Salesforce. No more switching between tabs, waiting for pages to load, or having to remember to click save.

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Build zero boards to knock out updates for your highest priority deals

If you are managing dozens or hundreds of accounts or opportunities it’s hard to see in Salesforce alone what needs attention and updates. Scratchpad zero boards with fast editing helps you uncover and take action on any overdue next step for your deals.

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Create filters for advanced pipeline views and easier updates across objects

Create cross-object filters and make fast updates to any field across objects in one simple view. No more opening multiple object tabs, creating custom page layouts, or spending time clicking, scrolling, and updating in Salesforce.

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Bulk updates made simple. No more painful data loaders or import wizards

Updating records in bulk should be simple. We understand the pain and frustration of using Data Loader or the import wizard for mass updates in Salesforce. That's why we've made it easier. You can now make fast updates to close dates, stages, account owner, amounts, types, and anything else you need using the grid views and bulk updates.

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Collaborate and comment while you make updates

Every click counts. That's why, when updating your pipeline, next steps, or managing your book of business, you may want to tag a team member while making updates. In Scratchpad, you can easily work in any grid view, make necessary changes, and quickly comment and tag your SDR, AE, CSM, or manager without disrupting your flow.

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“Scratchpad saves me a ton of time on double entry, extra clicks, sifting through Salesforce, and updating spreadsheets. It allows my manager to see what I'm doing in real time so they don't have to ask me about it over slack or in person.“
Christian Barfuss
Account Executive, Divvy
“Scratchpad has solved my #1 problem as a rep – PIPELINE HYGIENE. You can jump into any opp and change close dates, next steps and opp amounts from your entire pipeline list AT ONCE. No more opening 50 tabs to update pipeline 1 opp at a time.“
Matt Lefrandt
New Business, Route

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