Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission

To unlock the highest levels of performance for sales teams

Our vision

To be the complete revenue team workspace salespeople love and can't live without

Our values

What matters to us


Simplicity comes from a deep understanding of the "why", which leads to clarity in thought, communication, and design. In our efforts to achieve simplicity we often work harder than others, take a more curious and creative approach, and have the courage to challenge conventional wisdom.


We believe that great ideas can come from anyone and anywhere. When considering ideas we think "how might it work?" is more interesting than "why will it fail?" and "how is it best?" is more important than "who had this idea?". We're not afraid to let go of existing beliefs as we learn new information and uncover better ideas.


While effort is important, we believe delivering results that have an impact is what ultimately matter for our customers, our company, ourselves and our colleagues. We set ambitious goals that requires us to be bold, proactive, take risks, and work hard to win.


We move quickly and accept that we're often wrong in our journey to ultimately find what's right. This often means doing more with the resources we have, being proactive, and having grit.


We enjoy crafting exceptional products and delivering delightful experiences to every person we interact with. We believe in leading with giving and in bringing joy to someone’s day whether through the product, through conversations, or through experiences we create. We aim to create a new standard for user and customer delight.


We strive to be our best as a team and as individuals. We're candid and direct in feedback to each other and to ourselves with no room for ego. We interact with respect, kindness, and compassion.