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Fewer clicks, less tabs, and no waiting for pages to load. Designed to make salespeople’s lives easier, built to simplify your workflows, connected to Salesforce.
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Designed and built for how salespeople work

Managing your pipeline can be a nightmare with countless clicks and browser tabs, tedious copying and pasting from notes, docs, and spreadsheets, and blocking time on your calendar just to update Salesforce. This environment won’t help you develop and maintain a healthy pipeline.

Scratchpad simplifies pipeline management by consolidating tools you already know and use, such as notes, sheets, docs, Salesforce, tasks, calendars, notifications, and search. All available in a beautifully simple experience just for you.

Pipeline management beyond inline editing and spreadsheets.

With hundreds of tasks to complete each day, every click counts. Scratchpad tailors your workflows so process isn’t a burden, updating next steps isn’t a chore, and keeping Salesforce in order is a labor of love. No more bouncing between tabs or spreadsheets to manage your deals. Just one beautifully simple view to help you work faster and sell more.

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Intuitive Kanban boards for an interactive view of your pipeline and forecast.

Organize and manage your pipeline by categorizing opportunities into columns based on forecast category or stage. Easily summarize dollar amounts and tailor views with field-level customization for a fresh experience to manage your pipeline.

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Easily create and manage sales notes, link to your pipeline, and sync with Salesforce.

Using basic note-taking tools slow your ability to effectively manage your pipeline which requires you to block time on your calendar and transfer data to Salesforce. Scratchpad Notes are intuitive, media rich, connected to your pipeline, and synced with Salesforce.

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Build pipeline, manage opportunities, update next steps, and take Salesforce with you, anywhere.

Access all deal information in real-time with Scratchpad Command. No searching through notes, spreadsheets, calendars, or CRMs for customer information. Now you can access and update Salesforce, create new contacts and opportunities, and manage your pipeline from anywhere on the web.

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“Scratchpad saves me a ton of time on double entry, extra clicks, sifting through Salesforce, and updating spreadsheets. It allows my manager to see what I'm doing in real time so they don't have to ask me about it over slack or in person.“
Christian Barfuss
Account Executive, Divvy
“Scratchpad has solved my #1 problem as a rep – PIPELINE HYGIENE. You can jump into any opp and change close dates, next steps and opp amounts from your entire pipeline list AT ONCE. No more opening 50 tabs to update pipeline 1 opp at a time.“
Matt Lefrandt
New Business, Route

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