Slack automations with actionable alerts

Help your sales team work faster so they can focus on building pipeline and closing deals.

Improve data hygiene and process adherence

Ensure reps don’t let critical information fall through the cracks. Automatically nudge reps to fill out information, keep your processes well oiled, and your view of pipeline accurate. Get the data you need to be able to make decisions.

Enable real time coaching and deal updates

You need real time context about what’s going on with your team’s pipeline. If a big deal gets pushed to next quarter, you need to be alerted so you can strategize on what to do or come up with ideas to drive pipeline coverage. You can’t wait for next week’s pipeline review to know about this.

Drive forecasting accuracy

Your forecast is only as good as the data in Salesforce. Without good data, you don’t have the visibility you need to forecast accurately. Scratchpad puts an end to the data hygiene problem, so that you can accurately know how your quarter is shaping up.
How it works

Creating an automation is easy, intuitive, and fast with Scratchpad

Three simple steps to get started.

Give your automation a name

Head over to Scratchpad Studio, our automation building interface. Give your automation a name, set it to trigger either by a specific change or a scheduled time.

Define your conditions for triggering your automation

This can be done at any object level, so you can configure automations to start based on opportunities, leads, and even accounts.

Decide where you want your automation to send

Set up who you want to see this automation and set it live! You can trigger the notification to show up in either Slack or Scratchpad’s Inbox.
Use cases

Slack automations RevOps and sales reps love

Automations take high-value pipeline signals, time-consuming manual processes, and transform them into an easy actionable workflow revenue teams will actually use.

Missing next steps

Get the data you need by automatically notifying reps to update next steps.
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Celebrate wins

As soon as an opportunity moves to closed won, notify the team to celebrate!
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Expired close dates

Notify managers when opportunity close dates have expired.
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Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers.

"Love that the Inbox provides a collaborative space for AEs and Sales Leaders."

Anja Logan
Sr. Enablement Manager, Vidyard
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"This is awesome for making sure that things get done when they're supposed to get done."

Alex Miller
RevOps, Mux
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"This simplifies it and puts it all in one place for the reps to manage."

Shashank Mishra
RevOps Manager, Mixpanel
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"Being able to trigger things from the Studio is really good."

David Lovell
GTM & Sales Ops, Senseon
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