Slack Automations Library

Quick start guide to actionable Slack automations and alerts

Unlock revenue insights and level up your sales team’s performance. Engage, update, and close business with timely, context rich, and actionable Slack alerts.

Missing next steps

Get the data you need by automatically notifying reps to update next steps.
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Celebrate wins

Notify the team to celebrate when an opp moves to closed won!
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Expired close dates

Automatically notify sales managers when opportunity close dates have expired.
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Drive methodology adoption

Remind reps to follow processes and methodologies.
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Deals pushed

Know exactly when a deal gets pushed so you can react in real time.
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Alert reps of opportunities with no activity

Notify reps when opportunities haven't had activities within a certain amount of days.
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Stay on top of big deals

Get notified when deals come through in the pipeline and when changes are made to them.
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Deal moved to closed lost

When deals are lost, notify the manager that the opportunity has been lost.
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Alert managers of opportunities with no activity

Automatically know which opportunities have no activity so you can follow up.
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"Love that the Inbox provides a collaborative space for AEs and Sales Leaders."

Anja Logan
Sr. Enablement Manager, Vidyard
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"This is awesome for making sure that things get done when they're supposed to get done."

Alex Miller
RevOps, Mux
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"This simplifies it and puts it all in one place for the reps to manage."

Shashank Mishra
RevOps Manager, Mixpanel
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"Being able to trigger things from the Studio is really good."

David Lovell
GTM & Sales Ops, Senseon
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