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Level-up your sales productivity

Scratchpad Tasks give you a centralized space to keep track and take action on the tasks needed to move your deals through the pipeline. Reps and Managers can prioritize and organize their days by scheduling, arranging, and assigning tasks so the job always gets done.

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Create and set tasks to make your sales process easy to follow

Complying with a sales process and remembering when to update MEDDIC (or any methodology fields) for your open pipeline isn't easy. With Scratchpad Tasks you can set reminders for yourself or your team to stay on top of your sales process week-to-week.

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Seamlessly add reminders as tasks so you don't miss details

If you're inspecting a deal or updating an opportunity and you don't want to forget any important details that could slow down momentum, you can add reminders as tasks in your expanded view to keep everything in one place.

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Create and update tasks directly from your calendar

Prefer planning your day in your calendar? No problem. Scratchpad syncs with Google Calendar, so your tasks will appear when you click on the checkmark next to the date. You can also create new tasks from your calendar in the same view.

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“Scratchpad saves me a ton of time on double entry, extra clicks, sifting through Salesforce, and updating spreadsheets. It allows my manager to see what I'm doing in real time so they don't have to ask me about it over slack or in person.“
Christian Barfuss
Account Executive, Divvy
“Scratchpad has solved my #1 problem as a rep – PIPELINE HYGIENE. You can jump into any opp and change close dates, next steps and opp amounts from your entire pipeline list AT ONCE. No more opening 50 tabs to update pipeline 1 opp at a time.“
Matt Lefrandt
New Business, Route

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