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2023 RevOps Trends Report

Discover data and insight from over 200+ RevOps and Sales Leaders on how they are driving rep performance in a downturn.

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Learn how leaders are:

Increasing output per rep
93% of leaders strongly believe that they must boost sales rep performance. Learn strategies to help the sales team you have generate more revenue.
Improving forecast accuracy
22% of leaders feel they have access to sufficient data to forecast accurately. Discover ways to obtain the data you need for more confident forecasts.
Driving process adoption
87% of teams face difficulties in ensuring process adherence. Discover effective ways to drive enthusiastic adoption of your sales processes.

RevOps, Sales Leaders, and Reps Love Scratchpad

Drive sales rep performance and the right behaviors with process adherence sales teams actually enjoy.

The correlation that sold me was the salespeople that had been using Scratchpad had the most accurate forecasts. They had deals in the right sales stage and that information was crucial.
Michelle Adams
CRO, Algolia
"With Scratchpad our data hygiene has seen a total 180 from when we started!"
Natalie Blardony
Sales Operations, Crunchbase
Scratchpad is the workspace for our revenue team that keeps Salesforce clean since AEs are closest to the info we really need to know and report on.
Jordan Leu
Director of Sales, CaptivateIQ

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