Scratchpad named a Momentum Leader the 5th quarter in a row on the G2

We know. Everyone gets a G2 Momentum Grid Award for something, but we’re serious when we tell you that ours is the most important.

That’s because Scratchpad is a Momentum Leader for the 5th quarter in a row!!!!

While we are honored by G2, the only reason we’re here is because of our customers. Thanks to all of the CROs and RevOps to Sales Managers and Reps worldwide, we ranked #1 in Satisfaction and have received 1,300+ G2 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars.

Honestly, we’re averaging 2.1 company-wide ugly cries per week from some of the nice things you’ve said about us:

The support only motivates us to make your experience even better. A product alone doesn’t create Category Leaders, that comes from the feedback and support that we receive from you.

And since you ranked us #1 in Satisfaction, we wanted to repay you with two Ai-Mick Jaggers: one who can’t get no satisfaction and one who experienced that Scratchpad Satisfaction…

We are on a relentless pursuit to keep creating delightful experiences for you by making Pipeline Management more efficient, Forecasting more accurate, and Sales Organizations more successful.

Thank you so much for your support thus far. Please don’t stop giving us feedback so we can continue to improve upon your experience. For those of you who haven’t heard of us yet, click here to book a strategy session with our team if you’d like to see what this Scratchpad Satisfaction is all about.