Salesforce Sales GPT Explained: 3 Key Features + 4 Benefits

What Is Sales GPT and How Does It Work?

Sales GPT is an advanced AI tool that transforms sales processes in Salesforce using generative pre-trained transformers (GPTs). It helps sales teams generate personalized emails, create engaging copy, conduct market research, analyze feedback, and more.

This trusted generative AI tool predicts customer needs and behaviors — allowing you to enhance your sales strategy, improve customer engagement, enhance customer experience, and drive sales growth.

Here’s a quick look at how Sales GPT works:

  • Training: It's trained on extensive sales-related data, which allows it to understand and produce sales-specific content.
  • Personalization: Uses customer data to tailor messages and enhance engagement.
  • Automation: Handles routine tasks and frees up sales professionals to focus on strategic activities.
  • Analysis and Optimization: Learns from ongoing data and offers insights to refine sales approaches.

Now that you know the basics, let’s take you through the tool’s features.

What Are the Features of Sales GPT?

Below are the innovative tools of Sales GPT that simplify complex sales processes within the Salesforce CRM:

  • Sales Assistant: The Sales Assistant feature acts as a virtual companion for sales professionals — streamlining their daily tasks and summarizing every step of the sales cycle. It assists in scheduling meetings, setting reminders for follow-ups, managing customer information, and providing quick access to sales materials and product information. By automating these routine tasks and keeping the CRM up-to-date, the Sales Assistant allows salespeople to focus more on building relationships with clients and closing deals.
  • Sales Email: Sales GPT revolutionizes the way a sales email is crafted and personalized. This trusted generative AI tool uses advanced natural language processing to generate compelling and customized sales emails that resonate with each recipient. Also, Sales GPT ensures consistency in tone and quality —  ensuring that all sales emails are optimized for engagement and conversion.
  • Call Summaries: This feature processes and analyzes sales calls and provides a concise summary highlighting key points, customer queries, and potential objections. It saves valuable time for sales professionals by eliminating the need to manually transcribe calls or sift through recordings for important information. It also identifies opportunities for follow-up — ensuring no critical details are missed.

At this point, you’re probably wondering:

Is Sales GPT Free?

The Salesforce Sales GPT is not free. It’s included in the Sales Cloud Einstein AI package, priced at $50 per user per month. This includes a limited number of Einstein GPT credits, which are used to generate outputs from user prompts. If you're a Salesforce Unlimited edition customer, Sales Cloud Einstein, and thus Sales GPT, is already included in your package.

Now, let’s take you through how Sales GPT’s AI capabilities can transform your sales strategies.

4 Key Benefits of Using Sales GPT

Here are the main advantages of using this generative AI model in your sales processes:

  • Enhanced Efficiency and Time Management: By automating routine tasks such as email drafting and call summarization, Sales GPT’s generative AI capabilities allow a sales rep or sales manager to focus on more strategic activities (like relationship building and closing deals). This shift can significantly improve time management and increase overall productivity.
  • Cost Reduction: By automating various parts of the sales process, the Sales GPT AI tool can help reduce labor costs associated with manual tasks. Additionally, the increased efficiency and productivity can lead to reduced sales cycles and lower customer acquisition costs.
  • Data-Driven Insights: With its ability to analyze and summarize a customer interaction, this Salesforce AI tool offers actionable insights that can refine your sales strategy. This data-driven approach ensures that strategies are aligned with customer needs and market trends.
  • Scalability: For businesses looking to scale, Sales GPT’s generative AI capabilities offer a way to increase sales activities without proportionally increasing the size of the sales team. This scalability is crucial for startups and growth-stage companies aiming to expand their market presence rapidly.

While Sales GPT offers significant advantages, this Salesforce AI tool has a couple of limitations.

3 Main Drawbacks of Using Sales GPT

Let’s explore the potential challenges Salesforce Sales GPT may present in your sales processes:

  • Dependence on Data Quality: Sales GPT's effectiveness heavily relies on the quality and quantity of data it can access. Poor data quality or incomplete datasets can lead to inaccurate insights, predictions, and personalized communications — potentially impacting customer satisfaction.
  • Potential for Over-Reliance: There's a risk that a sales team might become overly reliant on automation and artificial intelligence — potentially diminishing their skills in relationship-building and negotiation. But a personal touch and human judgment remain critical in sales, especially in complex or high-value deals.
  • Training and Adaptation: Sales teams may require substantial training to use Sales GPT effectively, especially if the tool significantly alters existing workflows. This learning curve can temporarily impact productivity.

Want an easy-to-use tool that optimizes your sales processes on Salesforce? Try Scratchpad!

Scratchpad: An Innovative Tool That Simplifies Your Sales Processes

Scratchpad is a Salesforce add-on that streamlines workflows, sales tasks, and collaboration — all through one intuitive platform. 

It offers a modern and intuitive interface for managing sales data, notes, tasks, and pipelines.

Below are the key benefits of using Scratchpad:

  • AI Sales Assistant: The Scratchpad Sales AI Assistant monitors your virtual sales calls and autonomously updates Salesforce with crucial details (like MEDDIC, next steps, and more). It generates easily shareable sales call summaries and transforms these conversations into valuable insights. This streamlines the sales process by reducing manual data entry and providing the sales rep or sales manager with clear, actionable intelligence.
  • Unified Sales Workspace: Scratchpad combines sales notes, tasks, Kanban boards, and more in one place — making it a centralized hub for managing all sales activities.
  • Data Accuracy and Insight: Accurate and up-to-date sales data is crucial for effective prospecting. Scratchpad helps you maintain high-quality data in Salesforce, which in turn enables better analysis, segmentation, and targeting of prospects based on reliable information.
  • Zero Boards: Scratchpad provides daily to-do lists so that you never forget to follow up on leads and/or opportunities in the pipeline.

Still need clarity on some Sales GPT-related questions?

3 FAQs About Sales GPT and Other Related Services

Let’s check out the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Sales GPT:

1. What Is Service GPT and How Is It Different From Sales GPT?

The Salesforce Service GPT is a generative AI solution that enhances customer service operations within the Service Cloud workflow. It leverages real-time data and AI capabilities to automate various tasks performed by a service team (like generating personalized responses for customer inquiries).

Below are the key features of Service GPT:

  • Work Summaries: Service GPT automatically generates wrap-up work summaries for service cases and customer engagement — providing service agents with a clear understanding of what transpired during the customer interaction.
  • Service Replies: The Service Replies feature leverages real-time data sources to generate personalized responses for customer inquiries or issues. It allows service agents to resolve issues efficiently, improve customer experience, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Mobile Work Briefings: Service GPT prepares field service teams for appointments by summarizing essential information before they arrive at service locations. The Mobile Work Briefings feature helps a service team access critical details on-the-go and work more effectively.
  • Knowledge Articles: The tool automatically creates and updates knowledge articles based on real-time support interactions. This ensures the availability of up-to-date information for informed decision-making and consistent customer service provision.

2. What Is the Einstein GPT Trust Layer, and How Does It Relate to Sales GPT?

The Salesforce Einstein GPT Trust Layer is a protective mechanism within the Salesforce CRM. It’s specifically tailored to uphold the security and regulatory compliance standards associated with generative AI models such as Sales GPT.

The tool mitigates the risk of sensitive customer data being retained by large-language models (LLMs), thereby instilling confidence in the reliability and ethical use of AI-driven solutions like Sales GPT.

Here are the key features of the Salesforce Einstein GPT Trust Layer:

  • Audit Trail: Maintains detailed logs of AI model activities for compliance monitoring.
  • Encrypted Communications: Secures data transmission with encryption protocols.
  • Feedback Store: Centralizes feedback for model enhancement while ensuring data privacy.
  • Data Access Checks: Enforces strict controls to regulate data access.
  • Zero Data Retention: The Salesforce Einstein GPT Trust Layer ensures that data used for model training or inference is promptly discarded after processing. This practice upholds privacy and compliance standards.

3. What Are Sales Cloud and Service Cloud? (Are They Part of Sales GPT?)

Sales Cloud and Service Cloud are two separate products offered by Salesforce as part of its customer relationship management (CRM) platform. 

Although they are not directly part of Sales GPT, the Sales GPT tool (which is powered by Salesforce Einstein GPT) integrates with Sales Cloud to enhance sales-related tasks and workflows. Meanwhile, Service GPT integrates with Service Cloud to automate service-related tasks.

Navigate the Future of Sales With Scratchpad

Sales GPT enhances your sales tasks and equips you with the tools to automate routine tasks and deliver targeted customer communications. However, it presents a couple of disadvantages, and its features are somewhat limited. 

If you’re seeking a robust, AI-powered solution to streamline your sales activities within Salesforce, then Scratchpad is your ideal choice. 

Why Scratchpad?

This tool generates easily shareable call summaries, centralizes sales tasks, ensures data accuracy, organizes daily activities, and much more. Essentially, it provides an all-in-one platform for sales management.

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