Sales forecasts you can confidently take to your board

Forecasting shouldn’t be hard, be done in spreadsheets, or be expensive software most of your sales team doesn't use. It should just work and give you the confidence you need for every board meeting. With Scratchpad, it does.

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No more Sunday night surprises

Last Friday, you had 5x pipeline coverage. On Monday's forecast call, it dropped below 2x coverage and you don’t know why. If your forecast is a wild guess driven by spreadsheets and gut instincts, there's a better way.

Scratchpad Forecasting is intuitive, simple, and gives you visibility into revenue at risk. Inspect details of every opportunity in fewer clicks, create forecast rollups across reps, managers, and leaders, and track pipeline changes over time. All in a beautifully simple view connected to Salesforce.

Waterfall Analytics help you understand why your forecast is changing and where

Waterfall Analytics help you avoid bad end-of-quarter surprises and take action quickly. With a detailed breakdown of your forecast changes and the reasons behind them, you can identify risks across your team. If your pipeline drops unexpectedly, you can see which deals were pushed or decreased in size. If your commit is lower than expected, you can quickly get answers about which deals changed and how they impacted your number for the quarter.

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Forecasting for Salesforce waterfall view
Forecasting and deal inspection for Salesforce. Spotlight revenue at risk and take immediate action.

Trends Analytics to help you see how your forecast changes over time

Trends Analytics utilizes your team's past sales performance to create visual forecasts. This allows you to track how deals progress over time and provides greater assurance you will meet your sales targets. Assess how your Commits are changing compared to Best Case over the quarter and get immediate answers to why your pipeline suddenly dropped or increased overnight. Review individual rep performance to understand how they are progressing their deals over time.

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Intuitive Rollups to track the status of your deals at every level

Rollups give you a clear view of your team's deals, allowing you to run weekly rollups quickly. Analyze sales regions, teams, and individual performance in more detail, and track progress over time. View which deals make up their forecasts, investigate changes in numbers, or make overrides. With just a few clicks, you can switch from a bird's-eye view to granular details for easy inspection and a comprehensive picture of your opportunities.

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Inspect your Salesforce pipeline deeper with week to week changes for all opportunities.
Forecasting and deal inspection for Salesforce. Spotlight revenue at risk and take immediate action.

Daily snapshots give you an historical record of pipeline changes

Sometimes, you need to review team performance over time and evaluate past periods of your sales forecast, especially when your team structure has changed. You might do this manually in Salesforce reports or BI tools, or if you are using spreadsheets, good luck! Scratchpad snapshots are automated and daily data captures across reps, teams, and activities to ensure you have an historical record of pipeline changes.

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"Scratchpad forecasting gives me the fastest, easiest way to understand pipeline coverage, track rep performance, and know where I can help, so that we can more predictably hit our targets. My team is more aware of the number they’re committed to and how to get there, enabling them to call their numbers with greater accuracy and confidence. The visibility Scratchpad Forecasting provides into my team is a game changer!"
Roland Skreslet
VP of Sales, Promoboxx
“It's one snapshot, in one screen, that gives me the ability to see where we're at in terms of revenue and address everything. I love it!"
Peter M
Sr. Director of Sales, Virtek Vision International

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