Forecasting and Inspection

No more surprises. Find and fix your revenue blind spots.

Forecasting shouldn’t be done in a spreadsheet. It shouldn’t be expensive, take months to setup, or require you to submit a ticket to your vendor just to make a change. It should just work, and with Scratchpad it does.

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Identify deals and revenue at risk before it’s too late

Last Friday, you had 5x pipeline coverage. On Monday's forecast call, it dropped below 2x coverage and you don’t know why. If your forecast is a wild guess driven by spreadsheets and gut instincts, there's a better way.

Scratchpad Forecasting and Inspection is intuitive, simple, and gives you visibility into revenue at risk. Inspect details of every opportunity in fewer clicks, create forecast rollups across reps, managers, and leaders, and track pipeline changes over time. All in a beautifully simple view connected to Salesforce.

Forecasts you can confidently take to your board

Scratchpad Forecasting helps you understand why deals aren't progressing or which opportunities in your pipeline have pushed. Create consistent and accurate rollups across reps, managers, and leaders using real-time Salesforce data, not spreadsheets. See detailed waterfall views and sales trends to build the confidence you need to avoid those pesky end of quarter surprises.

Spotlight revenue at risk and take immediate action

Scratchpad helps you answer questions about your pipeline. Now you can get immediate answers to which deals committed this quarter are missing or have stale MEDDIC details, which opportunities are going to “close” but don’t have buy-in from the CFO, or which deals are not multi-threaded.

Inspect your pipeline deeper, faster, and in just a few clicks

Changes to your pipeline from week to week shouldn't be a scavenger hunt. Scratchpad empowers you to inspect deeper, see opportunities that changed in the last seven days, and with a detailed audit trail of every change for total visibility. Scratchpad is hands down the fastest way to intimately understand the health of your pipeline.

“Everyone knows how much salespeople hate admin work! If the data is bad, so is your forecast. Scratchpad makes sure this isn’t the case.”
Jonathon Ilett
Vice President of Global Sales - Cognism
“We've seen significant improvements in forecast accuracy since rolling out Scratchpad. It's a necessary tool across the sales leadership team (and our reps love it too).”
Greg DelGenio
CRO, Plative

Category leader and trusted by sales leaders worldwide.