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Get control of shadow CRM with sales process automation

Quickly create no-code automations to improve sales workflow efficiency, rep performance, and data hygiene in less than 15 minutes.

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Celebrate new customers and revenue wins with your team

Closed deals and new revenue are always worth celebrating. Create no-code automations that notifies your team in real-time when you land a new customers or close a big deal.

Send closed won notifications to Slack, the Scratchpad sales inbox, or both
Instantly alert managers, your sales team, or your entire company and celebrate every win together
Create a new standard for delightful customer experiences by alerting your post sales teams when a new customer closed

Make it easy and fun for your team to input the right data in Salesforce

The health of your pipeline is only as good as the data in Salesforce. Without good data, you don’t have the visibility you need to forecast accurately.

Fix data quality in minutes with actionable notifications and give your reps the choice to work in Slack or their web browser
Automatically notify reps when deals are missing next steps or any required fields
Create alerts to help your reps proactively manage their pipeline, update data, and clean house

Help your sales leadership find and fix pipeline gaps

Get more visibility into what’s going on in your pipeline, what changed, and know exactly why, instantly.

Create automations to alert managers and leaders when deals are stuck in stages
Notify sales leaders of any deals in commit or open pipeline without updates in days or weeks
Send alerts when deals have expired close dates or regress stages so your managers and leaders can take immediate action

Sales process compliance without change management

Design, execute, and manage your sales processes with the fastest experience for no-code automations.

Alerts reps and managers of deals missing required fields for CoM, MEDDIC or your methodology of choice
Schedule and send “clean your room” reminders to help reps stay on top of every deal
Create deal rooms to help your entire team follow process and stay on the same page

Your rules without friction for your reps

Scratchpad is loved by reps and has naturally high adoption without sacrificing your Salesforce rules and guardrails.

Automatically inherits everything you’ve carefully configured in Salesforce including permissions, validation rules, and workflows
Pair no-code automations with best-in-class Pipeline Management for frictionless process compliance
No more shadow CRM in spreadsheets or note apps. All the valuable contextual data is now in Salesforce

“Scratchpad helps us with ramping up our team quickly and ensuring that we are noting gaps in pipeline hygiene early. It helps us to drive deal analysis and forecasting.”

Jani McConnell
Director of Sales Ops
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“Scratchpad drives adoption. We’re capturing all the incredible data that we need to be able to get all of the insights and information we need to run our business.”

Rosalyn Santa Elena
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“You want MEDDIC adopted? You want your salespeople to focus on learning your sales methodology, value selling, the pitch, demoing the product and not learning tools? Scratchpad is the solution for that.”

Jonas Taylor
Revenue Enablement Manager
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