Take the complexity out of your sales tech stack

Happier sales reps and all of your data in Salesforce.
Just a dream? It’s real and you’re going to love it.

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"Scratchpad has helped us go through hyper scale. Most importantly, it solved a big problem which was how do we keep Salesforce data up to date and have the best data fidelity without burdening the sales team.”

Palen Schwab

VP of Revenue Operations, Lacework

"Scratchpad helps us move opportunities through the pipeline way more efficiently and in a friendlier way than AE’s were previously doing with just Salesforce. Scratchpad is how salespeople will interact with Salesforce in the future at nearly every single company."

"From a RevOps perspective, Scratchpad drives adoption. It's super easy to create templates for things I want to capture. There are no vendors or platforms similar or do the same things with the ease and speed."

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An insurance policy for your Salesforce investment

Hop into Scratchpad Studio and drive process adherence, deploy workflows, improve forecasting accuracy, reduce sales cycles, and enhance your investments in Salesforce with one revenue team workspace.

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Actionable automations for proactive updates

Configure automations to help your sales team proactively update Salesforce with notifications delivered to Slack or the Scratchpad Inbox.

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Not a sales call. We promise!

Deploy frictionless processes for sales methodologies

Create easy workflows with Scratchpad Tiles to help drive methodology adherence like MEDDPICC, MEDDIC, or BANT in a workspace loved by reps. Rest easy knowing your processes are enthusiastically adopted and Salesforce is always up-to-date.

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Collaborate in one place to drive deals forward

Collaborate across the revenue team on details of every opportunity, account, lead, or contact. Sales leaders can inquire about missing next steps, AE's can get coaching from their managers async, and customer success has current data for seamless handoffs creating a delightful customer experience.

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Enable your frontline to drive your topline

Create and deploy battle cards, sales playbooks, competitive intel, and pricing to every rep. Scratchpad Cards are presented to reps directly in their sales notes with contextually relevant information helpful in customer calls.

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Give reps Salesforce in their digital back pocket

Enable your reps with Salesforce at their finger tips to create, access and update leads, contacts, or opportunities anywhere on the web. Help your reps move at the speed of thought and proactively boost Salesforce data quality by removing the burden of updating Salesforce, the old way.

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Happy reps, powered by RevOps

Arm your reps with a workspace combining notes, spreadsheets, tasks, chat, notifications, collaboration, pipeline management, Kanban boards, search, and process adherence in a delightful experience, connected to Salesforce. The good news? Reps love it!

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Create actionable alerts to drive process adherence and better data hygiene

Alert managers of opportunities with no activity in 14 days

Notify reps of opportunities with no activity in 10 Days

Alert RevOps for stalled deals in any stage

Remind reps to follow processes and methodologies

Notify managers of deals added to the pipeline

Alert the sales team of changes to their deals

Notify managers of opportunities with expired close dates

Remind reps of opportunities missing next steps

Celebrate wins with closed won notifications

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