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Leading indicators for precision forecasting

Best of breed forecasting starts with your frontline following your sales process. But when your frontline works in spreadsheets instead of Salesforce and your reps don't follow processes, you can’t see around the corner for deals at risk in future quarters.

Scratchpad gives CROs the leading indicators in the breakdowns of your sales process needed to make corrections fast, call forecasts with confidence, and meet or beat earnings expectations.

Forecasting shouldn't be hard

The best and fastest decisions are made with simplicity in mind. With Scratchpad, Sales Leaders can call their forecasts with precision through simplified rollups informed by your Salesforce data, view deal and pipeline progression over time, and understand details of every deal with drill-downs and seller-level analytics.

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The most accurate forecasts start with your frontline following process

Scratchpad gives sales teams one solution for pipeline management, note-taking, task management, process workflows, in one place always connected to Salesforce. With all your sales data finally in one place, Sales Leaders can see and understand deals at risk in current or future quarters, and where revenue is falling through the cracks.

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Retain and grow your existing customers

Retaining and expanding your customer base is key to driving revenue growth. Poor customer experiences can be caused by reps lacking insight into an account's history, which can lead to conversations that don't meet expectations. Scratchpad ensures all customer information gets logged, so your sales teams have the necessary context to deliver a delightful customer experience and drive business growth.

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“Everyone knows how much salespeople hate admin work! If the data is bad, so is your forecast. Scratchpad makes sure this isn’t the case.”

Jonathon Ilett
Vice President, Global Sales
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“Not a single sales manager on our team complains about pipeline reviews anymore, and for that I'm forever grateful!”

Mike Bussio
Vice President of Sales
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“Reps picked it up right away. It’s just so much faster than logging into Salesforce and updating all the fields, and it’s keeping our pipeline a ton cleaner.”

Dan Wardle
Vice President of Revenue
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“I can now trust my data as I know reps are constantly updating their opportunities. Better forecasting. Better visibility into deals. Better chance of closing deals.”

Greg Wright
Former Chief Sales Officer
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