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No more Sunday night heart drops or end of quarter surprises

Scratchpad is the ‘easy button’ to help sales leaders answer questions about their pipeline, see real time deal movement, spot risks, and forecast with confidence.

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Waterfall Analytics

Understand where and why your forecast is changing

Get a detailed breakdown of your forecast changes and the reasons behind them so you can identify risks across your team.

Understand why your forecast is changing and where
If your pipeline drops unexpectedly, you can see which deals pushed or decreased in size
If your commit is lower than expected, you can quickly get answers about which deals changed and how they impact your number
Sales Trends Analytics

View how your forecast changes over time

Track how deals progress over time so you have more confidence you will meet your sales targets.

Assess how your Commits are changing compared to Best Case over the quarter
Get immediate answers to why pipeline decreased or increased
Review individual rep and team performance to understand how deals and pipeline are progressing over time

Track the status of deals at every level

Analyze sales regions, teams, and individual performance in granular detail.

Rollups give you a clear view of your team's deals
Analyze sales regions, teams, and individual performance in granular detail
View which deals make up your reps forecasts, investigate changes in numbers, or make overrides

See a historical record of pipeline changes

Review team performance over time and evaluate past periods of your sales forecast.

Daily data captures across reps, teams, and activities
Always have a historical record of pipeline changes
Change Highlights

Inspect positive and negative changes for every deal

Bring your Salesforce pipeline to life and visualize what changed with your team’s deals.

See which deals in open pipeline that have a close date that pushed
View deals quickly at a glance to see what increased or decreased in value week over week
Instantly see what opportunities changed status
Deal Spotlights

Find and fix opportunities at risk

Understand granular details of every opportunity in your pipeline.

Quickly inspect and see which deals haven’t progressed stages over time
Understand precisely why late stage opportunities haven’t had updates in weeks
See which deals in open pipeline or commit have expired close dates and take immediate action

"We were able to drive the desired behaviors and get key insights with CoM + MEDDIC + Forecast inputs to help drive predicability, and our team didn’t need to take on a change management effort because salespeople already loved using the product.”

Joe Morrissey
Former CRO
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“Not a single sales manager on our team complains about pipeline reviews anymore, and for that I'm forever grateful!”

Mike Bussio
Vice President of Sales
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“Reps picked it up right away. It’s just so much faster than logging into Salesforce and updating all the fields, and it’s keeping our pipeline a ton cleaner.”

Dan Wardle
Vice President of Revenue
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“I can now trust my data as I know reps are constantly updating their opportunities. Better forecasting. Better visibility into deals. Better chance of closing deals.”

Greg Wright
Former Chief Sales Officer
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Greg Wright
Jonathan Ilett

“Everyone knows how much salespeople hate admin work! If the data is bad, so is your forecast. Scratchpad makes sure this isn’t the case.”

Jonathon Ilett
Vice President, Global Sales
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