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Sales process, rigor, and performance is more important today than ever before

It’s a rough time for sales teams right now and sales is more complex. Deal inspections, coaching, process adherence, methodologies, qualification criteria, multi-threading are required to run a rock solid sales process. Scratchpad helps focus your reps on great sales fundamentals, processes they will actually love to follow, and better coaching for you to help unlock the highest levels of performance for your sales team.

Coach deals from best case to commit

Turn your pipeline reviews from interrogation sessions to productive coaching moments that drive deals forward. Get immediate insights into what deals changed and why, so you can focus on moving opportunities to the next stage.

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Know the true state of the deals in your team’s pipeline

Keep track of all your team’s opportunities in one view and spotlight red flags before they become revenue problems. Use the power of Slack automations to get notified the second changes happen and stay on top of your team’s progress for every deal.

Not using Chrome? Use the web app instead.

Learn what’s working faster so you can turn every rep into a top performer

Learn what’s working to move deals forward so you can centralize insights and enable your team. Surface these insights in pipeline reviews and war rooms, and seamlessly work with ops to deploy battle cards, sales playbooks, and competitive intel so it's surfaced at the right time when a rep needs it.

Not using Chrome? Use the web app instead.

“The answer to all your Salesforce prayers - productivity and speed game changer.”

Eric Dawson
Director - Client Success
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“Scratchpad has made my team's KPIs go up and has saved us HOURS of hygiene in Salesforce. My team was able to adopt it into their workflow in just two days of starting their role. Time=money, right?”

Julia Heim
Inbound Manager
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